Philips Hue erroneous alternating on/off status reporting

I am having really awful reliability with timed rules switching Hue lights (via Hue Hub) , even using Rule Machine. Over half the actions fail which, after reading this forum is nothing too surprising as it seems to be catastrophically unreliable for most people, although Rule Machine seems to work best. It is totally unusable as is.

Looking into this I notice that several of my Hue lights report ‘switch is on’ and then ‘switch is off’ alternating every 5 minutes exactly, yet the state is not actually changing. I see this in the Things ‘Recently’ tab in the app and also the ‘Activity Feed’ . It does this for hours on end but then stops for hours… Why does this happen and could this be contributing to my problem ? It happens with most Hue lights, not just one. Would for example a timed ‘off’ command be dropped if ST thought / the Hue cloud reported the light was already off ?

My control of Hue lights via the Hue app seems 100% solid , dimming is immediate and tracks well and Hue switches work 1st time every time. My Internet connection is fast and dependable. I don’t see the Hue app losing connectivity to any light and other cloud based control from say IFTTT has always been dependable. The state displays solidly in the app and does not alternate when ST is reporting that it is. I believe ST is polling the Hue cloud to get this status so I am not sure if the Hue cloud app is reporting it wrong or if ST is interpreting the reply wrong, or maybe timing out and making a bad default assumption on state.

I just manually turned on a Wemo switch from the ST app. The device duly turned on and ‘Switch is ON’ is shown in ‘Recently’ and the icon turns green. Nothing further touched but a few seconds later the icon turns grey, ‘Switch is OFF’ shows in ‘Recently’ but the device itself remains as expected ON. What’s’ going on ? I’m new to ST but I’m obviously misunderstanding something fundamental here.

Now it’s alternating in state every 10 mins or so… Although the the device is permanently on. It’s a light - a constant current device not something that stays warm like a heater for example which might report on/off thermostat switching as the Wemos do current sense/report.

It sounds like you’re having issues with cross-API integrations because both of those use Connect SmartApps, correct?

I would definitely try emailing support, so they can check it out for you. Sometimes re-initializing the SmartApps can help, so I would try to open the Wemo Connect and Hue Connect SmartApps and let them re-discover devices and press done.

Delete and reinstall is also an option, but that’s a pretty drastic step to take especially if you have other SmartApps in use for those devices as they would need to all be uninstalled. I would wait for support to respond before doing that myself.

ADDING: Those intervals are the polling intervals for those particular integrations, but it’s very strange that they keep flipping.

Ill give them a call - will try tomorrow. One thing I should add is that in my SmartApps tab in the app I have a few that appear to have multiple duplicates - 23 for Netatmo and that one seems to be breeding over time. I’m not sure how they got there, why they continue to increment or how to remove them. I can click on them and press Remove but I’m not sure which is actually used or indeed if there are supposed to be multiples - one for each device/sensor. Culprits are LIFX, Netatmo and Wemo. In the IDE I only have one of each. Getting those down to one of each seems like a sensible first step.

Hue (Connect) once
IFTTT once
LIFX (connect) 3 times
Rule Machine once
Netatmo (Connect) 23 times
Sharp Tools once
Sonos (Connect) once
SmartTiles (Connect) once
Wemo (Connect) 6 times

I just posted in an old post, but just saw this one. Similar thing is happening to me with my Hue lights. Also, the Echo isn’t seemingly working correctly either. I have a gen 1 Hue bridge.