Philips Hue Caused Fixture to Stop Working?

I purchased Philips Hue hub & starter bulb. It’s an indoor \outdoor flood light. I tested it with success indoors. Then I put in porch socket (primary purpose) and tested that it works today.
Problem : light didn’t come on per the timer. The app said it was turned on. Long story short via some tests determined that now porch outlet doesn’t work, bulb does. I tested multiple bulbs in multiple outlets to confirm this.
It seems awful coincidental that I’ve never had an issue with porch lights before and now after using the hue bulb it suddenly doesn’t work and I need to call an electrician now.
Has anyone heard of this happening before?

Do you have SmartThings hub in this mix too? Or just a Hue Bridge?

When you say “per the timer”, what is the “timer” you are using exactly?

The lighting fixture that the Hue bulb will be in requires constant always-on power (its wall switch always needs to be up/on), so if you are using some kind of non-smart timer that actually cuts power on & off to the fixture itself (i.e. it acts as the light switch), then that needs to be taken out of the equation.

Hue bulbs are really just a basic light bulb at the end of the day… t can’t think of any way that it itself would somehow blow out the power in your fixture in a manner that would totally disable it.

Is the socket assembly in the fixture loose at all? A loose fixture socket could maybe twist a power wire loose when bulbs are screwed in/out, but that’s admittedly a long shot.

Wait…so the outlet no longer works but the bulb still does? This is most likely caused by you removing the other bulb. If the Hue bulb was the culprit, it would most likely be fried.

Plus, this is the SmartThings forum. Not the Hue forum.

Thanks for replies. I have an electrician coming tomorrow to take a look. Sorry if I posted to wrong forum. I thought smart things was a generic term vs. A brand.
But yes light socket no longer working. I tested multiple bulbs that work in other sockets. And the hue bulb works in other sockets. I guess it’s a coincidence. Just thought it strange since never any issues with it prior.
I’m sure electrician can figure it out.

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