Philips Hue BR30. - Next Gen?

So I was just visiting the Hue website and looking at products and I noticed that they have listed Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance BR30 as New. Now mind you, this bulb disappeared for many months from the website, so I’m assuming this is the Gen 3 Bulb that contains the same color spectrum as the A19.

There is also a blurb on the Overview, Under 16 million colors (the old version touted 16 million colors but this was not true), and it states “The bulbs have been improved with deeper green, cyan and blue for even better scene setting in your home”.

For those that have previously purchased this bulb, the closest you could get to a blue, was an off shade of kind of a purple with a blue tint.

The pricing appears to be the same @ $49.99