Philips Hue apps

I am curious what other hue apps people are using besides Philips’ seriously lacking app. How does it work for you, features, functionality, etc.

I’ve been thinking of getting a different app for my hue setup and was looking for recommendations.


Love my Hues. I create, manage, and call all my Hue scenes from a Mac Mini using HAM Bridge. This lets me use SmartThings, iRule, Tasker shortcuts, and anything that can send a simple HTTP GET, even a web browser to invoke my scenes.


ST (no comments here…), OnSwitch, QuickHue, iConnectHue (allows remote access and tap integration)! OnSwitch comes up with some cool seasonal scenes… But local… At this moment I am setting up my hues to India’s flag color (I am a proud citizen of the U.S. of A) but have my roots in India and today is the cricket match of the century (India vs Pakistan). Cricket world cup 2015 available thru ESPN cricket 2015 app.

I just found HAM Bridge also. It opens so many doors for home automation and HUE bulbs.

Anyone else like to share their experiences with other ‘hue’ related apps?


I’ll share two more that I think are pretty cool.

1.) Hue Disco. Light color and level triggered by audio, and some cool timer based color cycling (great for the Blooms around the Jacuzzi).

2.) Syfy Sync. Very limited programming at this point, but this app picks up on audio tags embedded in the program your watching to provide light ambience (even better than the old ambilight TVs).

For me the best experience has been with OnSwich (local), QuickHue (local) and iConnectHue(supports remote access as well as tap) on iOS platform.

Are there any SmartApps like Hue Disco? I’d love to change my FLS-PP automatically.

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x2, Hue Disco in my kids rooms with a couple of HUE bulbs = pretty happy kids.

I’d like to do similar with the much less expensive EcoSmart A19 color LED…$26 CAD (about $20 US). Works with Smarthings…