Philip Hue RGB device handler


Im looking for a good DTH for the philips hue RGB bulbs, I have had a look around and there are a few different ones and im not sure what works best

Im really looking to extend my ST zigbee network a bit further which I understand can happen if I have a device thats not battery powered connected. Is this right?

Thank you in advance

for the 2nd question, check out :

I understand this would be the case, I have Hue dimmer switches that cover the “Dumb” switches, these switches are what I want to connect to ST (which I have successfully done) but they are just that bit too far away and keeps dropping out but there are bulbs in and near that room that im hoping If i can connect it will act as a repeater and give me what Im after.

Does any one know if the Kasa bulbs act as repeaters for ST as these already connect to ST without a DTH being setup

I believe Kasa bulbs are Wifi bulbs.

You need zigbee repeaters. Either go for IKEA zigbee bulbs or add some IKEA zigbee sockets. Or just some IKEA zigbee repeaters/signal boosters. Then your devices away will have a better reception. (Hoepfully)

Oh yes now you mention that does ring a bell, I will look into the Ikea bulbs and sockets, are they any good do you know?

Will i still need to set up a DTH for these?

All should be supported natively in both the Classic and new app without any custom DH requirement.

They work well with ST, they are good repeaters. You would like them. There are plenty bulb options too, RGB, white spectrum, dimmable. You should look at the motion sensor and 5 button remote too. You would like them. They can control in ST basically everything. Just need to think of good ideas. And they are quite cheap. :slight_smile:

But they are not Hue bulbs. Colours are not as vivid, but Hue is doing the whole business for ages. They had plenty time to develop to where they are now.

Yeah I understand that, Thank you for your help, i think this is going to be the best option going forward