Philio Zwave Devices Work with Smartthings?

I just moved into a new house and it appears the old homeowner left some of their tech behind, I found the dual relay inside a few switches, and the contact sensors (with PIR built in I assume) were on doors nearby.

I haven’t been able to find much information about them online, so I wanted to throw it out to you all for ideas.

It would be fun to put these to re-use if possible, but I wouldn’t know where to start when it came to finding a proper DTH.

Any thoughts?


Those are both ZWave. Id be suprised if they didnt join right up and automatically start using ZWave Multisensor for the contact sensor and ZWave Switch or ZWave dimmer for the relay. You should be able to look them up by the kodel number and find them in the ZWave alliance database and from there locate the instructions for pairing.


Also finding a wiring guide for the relay has been a bit of a challenge too. I’m an okay amateur electrician, but I’m far from perfect.

And the challenge I am having with the contact sensor is finding a DTH that works for PIR, door/window, temperature and illumination.

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To get suggestions, it helps to put the brand/model number in the topic title. This is a very busy forum, and that will get the attention of people who have that model. :sunglasses:

As far as searching for DTHs, a good place to start is the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki.

Good luck! Philio haven’t historically been as popular as some of the more widely-available brands, but some people have had them, so you may be able to find a match to those models if the generic DTHs don’t work for you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those popular brands are not actually Philio devices. :wink:

I have two measuring plugs, came with some Keemple sets. And they are both Philio. Philio has a whitelabel product line as well.

But knowing Zwave, it should work with any generic hander, the only issue can be is reporting changes…

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Thank you all, I appreciate the help.