Philio PSR04 Z-Wave Smart Colour Button


Can anyone confirm this is compatible with smartthings?

Hi Mark,

I have one, but have not be able to get it working myself, I have asked this to be added to the list for future integration, no idea when that might happen though.

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Cheers mate, glad I didn’t go ahead and purchase it.

Very versatile device. It would be great if someone could write a device handler for it.

Hi there!

Any news on this topic? I got one too and would be happy to get at least the basic on/off button stuff working …


This is actually a very complex device. It is using central scene commands and two association groups.

It would definitely need a custom device type handler.

You can look at the work to @AdamV did on the DeVolo scene controller, which also uses central scene commands. you can’t use that DTH directly, but at least you can see the coding approach.

Because of the use of central scene command you can’t just get a basic on/off with this, unfortunately. But I would think someone should be able to do a full DTH for it.

I played a little bit with @AdamV 's code and now have the basic push capability I wanted… If I have some time this weekend, I will see what else I can do.

Thanks for the hint!

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I was actually considering getting one of these at one point.

I imagine that you’ll probably need to make a dedicated smartapp as well to point it to individual devices connected to ST and ensure that dimming / temp / volume status positions get relayed back to the device so that you can get the LED ring to be useful.

Let me know how you get on!

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Did anyone ever get this working with Smartthings?

I’ve just ordered one… will create a device handler

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and here is the device type!

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