Philio PAN04 Dual Relay Device Type


(Eric M) #21

I wonder if the config parameters are not being sent for some reason. I tried with your settings and I am getting a Power report every 60 minutes and Energy report every 120 minutes. Can you go into the device and hit the configure icon? This will send the config parameters (they should be sent automatically after editing them as well, but maybe that didn’t work for you). You can’t see it fully from the screenshot because some of the values did not change so they weren’t reported, but the device also reported at 2:12 (for energy) and 2:16 (for power). I was watching the logs.


Hi, My relay must be incompatible to config parameters.

The configure icon does not open anything. I have to press the gear icon on the top, and then i see the settings that i can change. I changed them again to very high numbers but nothing changed!

Is there anything that i can do at code level to disable the reporting?

(Eric M) #23

Yeah, the configure button won’t appear to do anything, but it will send the config parameters to the device.

If you really can’t get it working you can comment out the lines that create the events. Should be around line 180 of the code. Change it to:

if (cmd.scale == 0) {
//result = createEvent(name: eName, value: cmd.scaledMeterValue, unit: “kWh”)
} else if (cmd.scale == 1) {
//result = createEvent(name: eName, value: cmd.scaledMeterValue, unit: “kVAh”)
} else {
//result = createEvent(name: pName, value: cmd.scaledMeterValue, unit: “W”)


Many thanks @erocm1231. I have edited the code and now it stops reporting in the activity feed.

This relay is connected to my washing machine and the power information is to be used by a laundry monitor app. I was wondering if by stopping the activity feed, i have also stopped the energy information being available to the Laundry monitor.

I am working away from home for a couple of days, so cant test this!

(Eric M) #25

Yes, it will stop the device from reporting. You can try this and see if it works.

if (cmd.scale == 0) {
result = createEvent(name: eName, value: cmd.scaledMeterValue, unit: "kWh", displayed: false)
} else if (cmd.scale == 1) {
result = createEvent(name: eName, value: cmd.scaledMeterValue, unit: "kVAh", displayed: false)
} else {
result = createEvent(name: pName, value: cmd.scaledMeterValue, unit: "W", displayed: false)


I added the “displayed, false” to the end of the 3 lines.

This had the opposite effect. Your device handler app did not show the values but the activity feed does!

What relay do you use? I may purchase the same as yourself for greater customisation.

Many Thanks!

(Eric M) #27

I missed the fact that you were talking about the Qubino and not the Philio. I started a new thread for the topic:


Deleted, wrong thread!

(JTB) #29

I use this for a Qubino 2 relay, and seems to work fine. I would like to operate the two relays independantly from the Smart Lightning app. Any idea if it’s possible?

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(JTB) #31

Great stuff! That did the trick :slight_smile:

(Simon Orebi Gann) #32

i know this is a long time since this thread was created - i am looking for a quick steer from one of you experts please.

I am running this device handler and the smartapp with a pan04 and it’s terrific and works fine.

I now need one to operate a device where when it is triggered i need the pan04 to turn its output on for 1-2 seconds and then turn it off. If i set the switch type to momentary, it just leaves the output on, so i assume that “momentary” description is about the input trigger signal rather than the output behaviour.

What should I do please to get one of the device outputs on one of the 4 pan04’s i am running to be just that momentary output? Furthermore, what do I need to use as a trigger for anything else from that: will it be in the “on” state and then revert to “off” or will it be some other state (s)?

(Bse4792) #33

hi is it possible to get it updated also include the pan11, i do get a watt reading so for now its ok.

(Pär) #34

Is the PAN04 Dual Relay Device supposed to create 2 child devices?
I only get main device (switch1 and switch2 is available inside the main device)?

(Eric M) #35

I created that device handler long before parent and child devices were a thing. :slight_smile:

You can use virtual device sync to create “child” devices to control each channel.