Philio Door/Temp/Luinance Device Type

Seems to be working for me as well! It was the sending during its “awake” period that did it for me… who knew?! lol

Thanks man!

Awesome! That last code fixed my troubles! Thanks!

One thing though… how do I change the icon? My PSM01 isn’t on a fridge! Lol!

@danielccm, I updated the device type to be more generic, give this device type a try:


PERFECT! Works great! Where do you get the icons from? lol!

Damn! Just found out that the motion sensor part of the PSM01 is gone… and it was crucial in the “bright when dark and/or bright after sunset” app…

Any ideas?

@danielccm, did you have a PSM01 or PSM02?

The PSM01 is the 3-in-1,while the PSM02 is a 4-in-1 that has the motion sensor.

If that’s what you have, I think I can put together a device type for you.

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I’ve got the psm01… but! Before using your device code (thanks by the way!) I was using i don’t know which device type that identified the thing as a motion sensor and it worked awesome!

With motion being the same as the open/close sensing… (does that make any sense? )

Would it work if we included the motion capability in the device type even if officially it isn’t supported?

As has previously has been mentioned, the psm01 is a 3-in-1 sensor while the psm02 is a 4-in-1 sensor which includes a motion sensor.

There is a problem with how the psm02 works and how SmartThings has defined the motion capability.

The psm02 only sends a notification when motion is detected (value = 255), but never sends a notification when no motion is detected within a given interval.

The SmartThings motion event has a start and an end. There no easy mapping of the Philio notification to the SmartThings motion event.

There is no easy way to change the psm01 device handler to support the psm02.

Understood… BUT… I am preeety sure that I had the PSM01 as a motion sensor for a while! or at least the “Bright when dark” app detected it as such!

Not sure exactly how I did it but it was working! until I found the device type by @johnconstantelo and installed it… then the motion sensor part of the device vanished! lol!

Are you confusing the illumination sensor with a motion sensor? The psm01 has a contact, illumination and temperature sensor.

err… I don’t think so…

I’ve got the PSM01 on a terrace door and I did tests of opening the door (thus activating the contact sensor) and it clearly said “motion detected”… which for me was perfect! except that I couldn’t change anything, no icons, no names, nothing…

That’s why I installed the device type… but otherwise, I was perfectly happy with it! lol!

Do you have the magnet and sensor installed? If so, when you opened the door, you triggered the contact sensor.

The psm01 does not have a motion sensor and the psm02 can only be made to work as a motion sensor with a special device handler and an helper smart app.

Yes! I am aware that I triggered the contact sensor… BUT!

what if the system could be fooled to think that the contact sensor is ALSO a MOTION sensor? That’s what happened at my home!..

And that’s what I’m asking here… what if a device CAPABILITY could be added to the device type code? :smile:

Yes, you could write a custom device handler would would treat the psm01 contact sensor as a motion sensor and pass motion events, but I don’t see what the benefit in doing this.

If you want to us a smart app which expects a motion sensor and cannot use a contact sensor, find a similar smart app which supports a contact sensor or modify a smart app or write a new smart app.

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I’ve started messing with the device handler… lol!

I’m trying to use this app:

:cyclone:2. “Bright when dark and/or bright after sunset.” By Arnaud. Turn on lights when there’s movement and the room is dark and/or between sunset and sunrise. Then turn off after X minutes when the brightness of the room is above the illuminance threshhold OR turn off after X minutes of inactivity on the motion sensor. Requires a smart switch/bulb and a motion sensor. Can also use an optional lux sensor.

(found the description at List of all Officially Published Apps from the MORE category of Smart Setup in the Mobile App [deprecated])

it only accepts motion sensors… not contact sensors… if I knew where the app’s code is, I’d change it to suit my needs! lol! any ideas?

@danielccm, I bet the default device type was what you were using before using mine. Change the device type to “Aeon Multisensor” and I bet motion capabilities come back when the door sensor trips.

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@johnconstantelo… it works like you predicted! is it that simple?? damn… but…

What will I be missing if I stay on the default type instead of using yours?

I’m kinda lost right now then…

@danielccm No worries. What you’ll be missing will be the ability to use that sensor in the Dashboard under Doors & Locks and all the built-in SmartApps used there. Additionally, using any other SmartApp that uses those “contact” capabilities will not be possible.

any chances of adding the motion capability to yours then? lol! (I tried, but I must be missing something here…)

Is it just a matter of adding:

    capability "Motion Sensor"

in the definition area and

    valueTile("motion", "device.motion", width: 2, height: 2) {
		state "inactive", label: 'No Motion', icon: "", backgroundColor: "#79b821"
		state "active", label: 'Motion', icon: "", backgroundColor: "#ffa81e"

later on?

Or is it something more complicated that I’m just missing due to my near zero programming-in-groovy knowledge?