Phantom motion sensor

(C Chen) #1

I am wondering if anybody has some phantom motion sensor showing up on their SmartThings App occasionally and has some idea about what’s causing it.

I have one SmartSense Motion and had 4 “new” ones showing in the past year. When one showed up, the motions detected by the physical device would be reported by the new one, while the ‘real’ instance would be silent (and none of the SmartApps associate with it would trigger). This usually lasts for a day or two. Then the new one would stop reporting and the ‘real’ one would start again.

I can’t identify any possible cause for these to show up. There was no power outage and I didn’t add, remove, or rearrange devices when these showed up.

(April Wong) #2

Hey, do you have the most recent update, out of curiosity? One got pushed out this mid noon, today.


(C Chen) #3

I didn’t pay attention to my hub versions. However, I didn’t request an update, nor did I get an email saying my hub would be updated. So I assume the answer is no?

My hub’s Firmware Version is 000.013.00013 and zigbeeFirmware is 1.5.4.