Phantom Color Ghosts - Hue Just Went Bat Crazy

I’m seeing the same thing. Concentrate is either a white or a blue. Using the market based Hue Connect and smart lighting.

Hotfix for the hue issue going out now.


Release complete


Out of curiosity, what was causing this?

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I’m still getting differing colors. On 2 bulbs next to each other, the color is different, and neither looks like they did last week.

In absence of knowing what the hot fix was for, I suggest rebooting your hub to see if that solves it.

@a7a93524 Are you still seeing issues, it might have taken a while for the fix to deploy to all server nodes.


Looking better now


Working correctly again here. Thank you.


Seems good here as well. I’ve been using it about an hour and no green lights yet. I think you got it. Thanks for the prompt fix!


It fixed the issue in time for all my sunset lighting routines this evening. Thanks!


Thanks for the hot fix. what was the issue?

Just added one of the new Gen 3 Color Hue bulbs last week and this “greenish” problem cropped up for me when trying to set soft white. Other color generations seem to be working just fine using same triggering mechanisms (smart lighting turn on and set color). Anyone else having the same issue?

I’m having color mapping issues as well. Warm white is no longer very warm. Started affecting my lights today (Feb 7). I’m using Smart Lighting app to control my lighting automations. Usually warm white was much warmer than soft white. Now warm white is much brighter and cooler. Something must have changed to affect color mapping. Other colors seem to be unchanged.

@Lars @slagle Was there a change recently to Smart Lighting or the Hue integration that could be causing this issue?

Just noticed my warm white is totally off on the hue bulbs (can tell because the Lightstrip is set to turn on and set level - as the colour mapping is off - and it’s a much warmer colour than the hue bulbs)

Looks like this is a “fix” to the colour mapping (from another thread)

Do you still see the greenish issue after yesterdays update?

Is this the original Lightstrip or Lightstrip Plus that supports color temperature?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to explain exactly what changes were made so there is no confusion:

Previously, the four white colors were set using hue and saturation. This created a problem since colors ended up being different on different devices/brands due to hardware limitations, color conversions etc. For example, OSRAMs sometimes exhibited a greenish tint, some bulbs were almost cyan and some bulbs were ok.

In order to solve this and create a good experience for all different bulbs and versions, we changed the white colors to be set using color temperature instead. This means that if you put a LIFX bulb, an OSRAM bulb and a Hue bulb in the same room, their final shade should be close to identical.

Now if a light that does not support color temperature is used, it default to a hue/saturation value that is as close to the temperature as possible (calibrated against 2nd gen color Hue bulb). Again, since hue/sat is used this might not be perfect for all different devices out there.

The color temperatures used are:

Soft white (Default) - 2700k
White (Concentrate) - 4500k
Daylight (Energize) - 6500k
Warm White (Relax) - 3000k

For example, soft white at 2700k is very common when you by LED lights with a fixed color temperature.

Please provide feedback on devices that are way of what you expect, or if you believe the color temperature are not correct.


The temperature of the Warm white (relax) setting doesn’t seem right to me. Hue uses a standard of 2300K for ‘Relax’ which is great in the evening. 3000K is hotter even than ‘Soft white’ (the difference only just being noticeable) so does not really fit the bill.
Frustratingly, as this warm setting was something I used a lot, as it stands the update has made my experience of the app worse overall.
Another setting for a ‘warmer’ (lower temperature) white, or a customisable setting would be most welcome.

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