PetSafe SmartDoor Model HPA15-13808 (DTH in post 27)

Start with this. It will explain the basic process and after that everything should be much clearer. ( this is a clickable link) :sunglasses:

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So once you have added the device type handler from post 27 above following the instructions in the FAQ I just gave you and paired the device, then it will appear as a lock in SmartThings and you can set rules for it like any other lock. It doesn’t require a special Smartapp. :sunglasses:

device handler

Perfect! Got it working. For some reason I had to log out and log back in for the website to see my hub and door. But all is good now. Thank you.


I’m pretty new to the ST platform… how do I get the script loaded to read my pet door? I saw IDE discussion, does that mean I need to be at a PC?

Welcome! :sunglasses: This should help.( this is a clickable link)

You can access the IDE from any web browser although it would be pretty hard to read on a phone. Works fine on a tablet in landscape.

go here :

enter in same credentials as the smartthings app

click my device handlers at top of page

click create new device handler (green button top right of page)

click from code

paste code from this thread click create

add dog door to smartthings thru app (should come in as a thing) name your door

okay back to the computer

click device handler at top of page

click petsafe dog door (you just created it )

click publish click for me

click simulator

select your hub click set location

click arrow next to virtual device (a list of all devices on your smartthings should show up)

click the device you named as the dog door

click install



Everything here is perfect, thank you so much for the short and sweet way to get it working. However, the only challenge I have right now is that the step listing devices doesn’t show any devices… so I cannot complete these steps. Any suggestions?

  • click arrow next to virtual device (a list of all devices on your smartthings should show up)

  • click the device you named as the dog door

The only option that appears is a radio button next to Virtual.

EDIT Disregard this, I got it working. I had to go into the Locations and sign in again to my already existing “Home” location rather than selecting a new one that I just created in the IDE. This works and thank you again for your help! The way I learn, I’ve learned more from your simple list than I could have in a handful of small articles. I sincerely appreciate it!

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Not sure what you mean by your comment, or reference to any link… but I got it working as outlined in my post above that I edited and included the fix. Thanks though!

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Had petsafe door working fine before install.
After install app icon for lock /unlock seems reversed and soon as locked hit you can hear door mechanism work and indicator light on door goes to red/locked instead of staying on automatic.
Help please,

Just want to say a big thank you to you for this code that helped me get my new PetSafe Smart Door working (thus far). Now I need to install it and train the dogs (but not the goats) how to use it. Much appreciated!

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So I bought one of these doors and installed it with the express intention of using it with ST. It does not seem to pair. I get the blue flashing lights for a less than a minute and it appears from the door’s standpoint the device finished pairing, but nothing ever shows up in the ST app. It says it’s taking longer than expected, but the blue lights on the door go out. I initially suspected something was wrong with the door, but after purchasing a Lowes Iris hub it paired just fine. I have removed and repaired with the Iris several times and attempted pairing with ST at least 15 times with no success. Any suggestions? I HATE the Iris interface and really do not wish to use it for this one device.

Thanks in advance,

ok in app it will show as a thing
rename it
save code above as device type
then log into the smartthings api and apply the device type to the renamed thing

That’s the problem. It does not properly pair and therefore never shows up as a thing. If I do not attempt to pair it with ST the blue pairing lights on the unit will blink for about 40 minutes. If I do attempt to pair the blue lights on the door flash three times and extinguish indicating that the door is paired, but nothing ever shows up in the app. ST app indicates pairing is taking longer than expected and continues to look for a device.

powercycle the door and the hub

if that doesn’t work move the door closer to the hub prior to instal and pair it

Been there done that. I was hopeful maybe someone else had seen this problem and had a fix. It appears the issue is with ST since the door pairs fine with Iris (and by all indications thinks it pairs fine with ST). Perhaps ST upgraded firmware or something since the last success story here. Thanks again for the suggestions.

i have mine paired right now no issues

It sounds like it thinks it’s still paired to the iris coordinator. Zigbee devices can only have one coordinator. You would need to check the device manual to find out how to clear the old coordinator information before joining it to SmartThings.

Unfortunately the literature pertaining to the door is a bit lacking and does not indicate a way to “default” the door. Since I purchased an Iris to test it out and it worked I have unpaired it with the Iris unit using the app interface and attempted pairing with ST several more times. No luck. Again, the indications on the door would have you believe it experienced a successful pairing as indicated by the three flashes, but ST stubbornly refuses to acknowledge it sees anything. After several more attempts at pairing with the ST I added it back to the Iris with no issues. Bizarre…

Did you have to do anything to reset the device before adding it back to Iris? If not, it had retained the information that Iris was its Coordinator, which would explain by it was not joining to SmartThings.

Most devices have two separate procedures, one to reset the device to all of the factory default for the configurable parameters, and a separate one to clear the coordinator information. This is what allows you to “reset” a device without having to remove it from the network and re-add it.

The following is the procedure in the manual that should clear the coordinator information:

Reset Instructions
You should perform a reset if the device has been force removed from the app or the device has pairing and/or connectivity issues. These reset steps will clear the door’s ZigBee configuration. It will not reset or remove any Smart Keys programmed to the door.
Step 1: Press the MODE-RESET button on the door five times in a row, once per second.
Step 2: Confirm the blue LINK light is blinking. It should blink twice every 2 seconds
Step 3: Reconnect the door by going to the dashboard’s upper-right Add (+) menu, then choosing Devices. The hub will triple beep once the door reconnects.

Except in step three, instead of doing that in the iris app, you’re going to do an add from the SmartThings app.

Also, make sure that the iris hub is powered off before you attempt this as otherwise the door may just re-join iris network. Once you have the door joined to the SmartThings network, you can then have both Iris and smartthings on power and it should be fine.