PetSafe Smart Feeder?

I have seen several threads about connecting with the PetSafe Smart Door but nothing on the feeder. Currently the PetSafe feeder connects with Alexa, Google and Nest so it seems that it would have the ability to also connect with SmartThings.

Goal - when the feeder goes off automatically (we have it set at 9 am, 2 pm and 8 pm) i would like to send a notification to a wifi speaker (currently using the Jam Symphony) to let the dogs know that it is “time to eat”. If the dogs aren’t on the same floor as the feeder, they don’t always hear them go off so the notification would help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Definitely a cool idea. :dog::smile_cat:

Many, many devices work with echo that do not work directly with SmartThings. So unfortunately you can’t draw any conclusions from that.

To connect a Wi-Fi device to your smartthings account, It needs to either have an open API (which this device does not) or an IFTTT channel or an official integration.

Without those, there is one thing you could do which is pretty hacky, but it does work. You can get another device which can speak (Most people use a cheap android phone or tablet) and then automate that device to speak the request you want to your Echo. Like I said, hacky, but it will work for some people.

See the WiFi integration FAQ:

BTW, the reason the petsafe door works is because it is not a Wi-Fi device. The model discussed in this forum uses zigbee and was designed to communicate with the Lowe’s iris hub. So smartthings can use zigbee for direct integration. But that’s not available with the feeder.

Thanks JD, i appreciate the response and explanation. Sounds like i am SOL to do it the “slick” way. I can always just set up an automatic notification to coincide with the times that the feeders are scheduled for. But I can’t always ensure that the “clocks” are synchronized between ST and the feeders. Brian

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Maybe you could trigger from notifications that the feeder generates?

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Do you even need the feeder involved in this?
If it’s set to go off at 9A, 2P, and 8P, why not just trigger the notifications based on those times rather than the device itself?

@TonyFleisher - that is what I was trying to do but couldn’t figure out how to capture those notifications. @JDRoberts indicated that the Pet Feeder doesn’t have Z Wave or Zigbee capabilities so that threw that idea out, i guess.

@JDRoberts - so i figured out a work around. The feeders are AC so I plugged them both into a Smart Plug and then trigger the notification based on the when the current exceeds a set value. Works like a charm!!!

Thanks to everyone who replied with helpful ideas.

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If there is an app that sends notifications to your phone, you can capture it as a trigger (“this”) in ifttt recipes.

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