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I have an Acurite personal weather station (the 5-in-1 model) that is connected to the internet. I would like to be able to connect to my personal weather station (or get my weather data from it and not from general weather sources). How do I do that???

Thanks for any help you can offer

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(Dan) #2

The easiest way would be to upload your Accurite weather data to Weather Underground. WU happens to be the weather data provider for SmartThings. Then you can access your data in SmartThings by using your weather station code (“pws:YOUR_STATION_ID”) in place of a zip code, in SmartApps.

The other option would be to develop a device type handler if one doesn’t exists already. But it hardly seems worth it if you can easily upload to WU.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

(Alan Guggenheim) #4

Which smartApp do you use?

(Dan) #5

I use weather tile device to view the current observations, but the main thing I use is a community contributed smart sprinkler smartapp to use the station’s rainfall to control whether the sprinklers need to be turned on.

(Joseph Whistler) #6

To be clear…quotes, or no quotes? (“pws:YOUR_STATION_ID”)

(Dan) #7

No quotes. It was a dark and stormy night…

(Joseph Whistler) #8

HaHa… thanks! I thought so. Takes some time for the link begin updating and I was getting impatient. I hear a whisper in my ear…“Patience, Grasshopper, patience!” :slight_smile:

(Ron ) #9

I know this thread is a little old, sorry…When I put my station in the optional zip code space, all of my readings freeze at what was currently displayed. When I change it back to my zip code, all of the tiles update and function again. What could I have done wrong?

(Jason) #10

You likely didn’t do anything wrong. Weather Underground discontinued all of their free API keys as of the first of the year, so SmartThings moved the weather features to an API from The Weather Channel. Since the data is now being pulled from a source different from the location your personal weather station is uploading to, it’s no longer going to work.

(Ron ) #11

Thanks Jason. That’s a bummer, it would handy to have it there on my dashboard, and maybe some automation with it, but I can just continue to view the data on my ows app. Thanks again for the info!

(Thomas Kelso) #12

I recently installed Weather Station Tile 2.0 and am getting current data from my Acurite 5-in-1 PWS. I have not tried any automation.

(Brian Engel) #13

So how do we get it to work now?

(Jason) #14

I don’t know, but there may be other ways to access and integrate your PWS data depending on the brand/type you have. For example, this looks like a good option for Ambient PWS:

(Kurt Sanders) #15

Thanks @MinerJason for the reference to my SmartThings SmartApp for Ambient Weather Stations. I have Ambient’s network weather models integrated into SmartThings and compatible with ActionTiles™ weather tile.

One, with a little of effort and determination, should be able to build a similar integration for Acurite weather stations as I did for numerous models that Ambient Weather systems sells. Unfortunately, I suspect that Ambient and Acurite are not API similar. But then again, weather data is weather data!