Personal Access Token doesn't offer all the scopes

I am trying to get a personal access token for the scope r:hubs:*. This scope is available when creating an automation smart-app, but not available on

Is there a way to get a token with r:hubs:* scope?


Hi, @Sunny_Goyal. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

I’ll ask the engineering team about this and let you know.

In the meantime, can you provide more details about what you’re trying to do with it, please? This is to see if there are other alternatives

I’d like more comprehensive scopes in both the apps and the Personal Access Tokens. Put in its broadest terms, the community should be able to create their own ‘client apps’.

My Alexa often stops responding. I am trying to implement a task which pings the hub to check if the hub is down or the device.
I was trying to call an API to ping the hub, but it gave an error that I need the r:hubs:ping scope.

If it’s only to check if the Hub or any other device is online/offline, you can get their health status using this endpoint and the scope r:devices:*

Thanks, Will try that.
From what I recall, the device was still showing online on the IDE, but the ping command was failing.