"Performing "Security" for you at 6:00 PM as requested"

I was browing through my Hub notifications and saw these two lines. Any idea what triggered this?

I’ve no Scenes set up on my account.

	2018-04-08 6:00:43.317 PM BST - 5 hours ago	Some scenes failed to activate.		
	2018-04-08 6:00:43.125 PM BST - 5 hours ago	Performing "Security" for you at 6:00 PM as requested

Line #2 sounds like you have a routine called “security” set to run at 6pm.

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I agreed it sounds like that, but its not that :slight_smile:

I’ve never had a routine called Security - the only routines ones I have are the default named ones that Use to set modes.

I’m not aware of anything I’ve ever set up to run specifically at 6pm. Any time based stuff I’ve done is based off sunset (+/- offset).

ST hub, ST/ADT hub or Samsung Connect hub?

ST Hub, UK edition. Nothing complicated in setup - routines as mentioned to set modes, smart lighting to control things, not dabbled with WebCore yet, a few other smart apps but nothing that involves scheduling anything.

EDIT: I did install Vacation Lighting Director yesterday, but its set to trigger at Sunset -15 but only in a Holiday mode which was not active at the time.

I’ve done some more digging. This notification is actually happening every day at 6pm (or has for the past 7 days that logging exists). And its in the Location notifications, not the Hub notifications as I said above.

I’m not concerned about it, but i always like to know whats going on.

So i’ve tracked this down to a “At a Certain Time” smartapp under Hello Home/Security:

But I can’t find what has added that. Logging has this going back to March 20th.

Any ideas before I just uninstall it and see what happens?

Weird. It really looks like a routine, it’s listed with what I assume are the rest of your routines (e.g. goodnight, which is also set to run at a certain time every day).

Support might be able to dig into things and explain how it got added, if you’re certain you didn’t create this routine.

Yep. it does look like a routine, but it was not in the app and I genuinely can’t remember every creating one called that. And I avoid launching the app after consuming alcohol :slight_smile: I did wonder if it was SHM related, but it has its own section. Alternatively, i wondered if it was created when i dabbled with the new Smartthings app.

Anyway, I uninstalled it with no issues so far.

There was also an entry called G there (it was basically empty) was also not showing in my app routintes. I’ve deleted that too.

That seems possible.