Performance degrading

(Wallace McClure) #1

Multiple ST devices are all failing time-based events. Have done all the standard fixes – updated smartapps, rebooted, hub, manually turned off, unplugged and reconnected devices (where practical), etc.

Currently manually operating ALL time-based devices due to serious repeating problems with time-based events. We manually turn on all the devices in the evening, and manually turn them off. EVERY SINGLE ONE. If we don’t typically no devices respond to time based events. If I’m lucky, 1 or 2 devices will respond

Current issues expanding – not several ST devices (power controllers, controlling lamps) will not respond via ST mobile app. Have to manually crawl under the desk or behind the couch and manually turn them on or off when I want them to cycle.

This is NOT GOOD. Current log of unresponsive devices is 3 light controllers (power controllers), one wall socket, one light dimmer. Increase from 1 unresponsivle controller one month ago. Serious degradation in Smarthings reliability and ability to function.

(Wallace McClure) #2

That’s the symptoms folks. Hub V1 setup, with about a dozen ST devices and plans to increase (but currently on hold until the current problems go from systematic to very occasional). I’m not looking for a perfect system, but I’d like 90% reliability ore more, and I’m seeing quite a bit less.

So what to do? I’ve done all the standard fixes, and quite frankly not sure what to do next other than uninstall everything, zero it out, and reinstall it. And I really don’t want to do that. The WAF (wife acceptance factor) has gone from “Way cool, hun!” to “I had to craw under the desk and behind the couch to turn off the lamps again this morning…” She’s starting to suggest I go to Home Depot and buy the $8 lamp timers to replace the Smart things controllers — so that’s an indication of how far ST has slipped.

So… suggestions and recommendations?