Perform task when the same condition happens two times within X minutes

I have an awning that I want to close when it gets windy. I have a vibration sensor on the awning that registers the wind. The problem is that it often registers a short gust of wind which is not a problem. How do I make a webcore that only closes if the vibration sensor has registered a vibration two times within 5 minutes?

Something like:

If Condition “Vibration sensor changes to active” “two times” “within 5 minutes”

Then with Awning do “Close”

Hope anyone can help…

For the Vibration sensor thats easy with WebCoRE.
IF Vibration sensor changes to active
Followed By (within 5 minutes)
Vibration sensor changes to active.
Then do stuff…

Regards awning and wind I use…
IF {$twcweather.conditions.windSpeed} is greater than 30
Close the Awning.

Here’s a piston a WebCoRE forum user shared, cut and strip as you see fit.

Thank you SOOOOO much - It is perfect - altså the weather forecast!