PEQ Open/Close Sensors $9.49

PEQ Open/Close Sensors $9.49 at BestBuy
Before you get your hopes up, it wasn’t available within 250 miles of where I live so YMMV

Yeah, none available within 250 of me either. No shipping available. Guess they are clearing out stock where it exists.

Nothing within 250 miles of Charlotte either.

nothing within 250 miles of ND either =/

Which begs the question: Is Best Buy completely abandoning PEQ ($10/month after equipment purchase, run by iControl Networks)?

Regardless of the monthly subscription fee, this would result in a bunch of angry (?) customers with “useless” sensors; unless they are educated that they can port to other iControl vendors or SmartThings.

Nothing within 250 miles of the Chicago area either.

Just because Best Buy stops carrying the devices doesn’t mean PEQ itself goes out of business. You can still buy all the products from the PEQ online store. Obviously losing a retail channel is always challenging, but it may just mean it doesn’t fit that market. Or the Best Buy has decided to narrow the brands in that category. PEQ may be in an EOL condition, but there haven’t been any announcements yet.

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For all we know it could have been a request from Samsung for BB to not carry PEQ. I think Sammy’s requests probably hold a decent amount of weight considering that their brand takes up the largest amount of retail sq’ in their building(at least my local store, also worth noting no hard figures were done here but that would be interesting to see)


Nothing in New England or NY either . I think I bought them out last year when they went on clearance. I just found a box last week with 3 of them I forgot I even had.

Was anyone actually able to get some of these?

Was able to buy 4 and have them shipped. Just checked the tracking, and they’re arriving tomorrow. All the other PEQ sensors I have in the house work great. Will be using these to put on windows and integrate with IFTTT to notify me if a window is open and it’s going to rain (lol…getting sick of wife and daughter leaving the windows open during downpours).

Wow Matt, how did you manage that. When I look there isn’t any kind of link to buy and have shipped.

I have an alert set up through Slickdeals to notify me whenever anything with PEQ is posted. An alert came through about 7 in the morning for a PEQ thermostat at Best Buy. I have an Ecobee3, so I didn’t need the thermostat, but, on a whim, I figured it would be worth a shot to search for anything else PEQ on Best Buy. The open/close sensors showed up at that ridiculously cheap price and shipping, at the time, was still an option. Not sure how/why I was able to get them shipped, but my guess is I caught the deal early enough. Tracking says on the truck “out for delivery,” so I should have them by the time I get home!

That’s great, hope they work really well for you. If anyone else finds a method of buying with shipping for this price let me know. I’d like to get about 4 myself.