PEQ motion detector not pairing with ST

I have a new (sealed w/battery tab) PEQ motion detector (Zigbee) that is refusing to pair with ST.

It is square with the motion sensor part in the middle and says CentralLite on the inside circuit board where the battery goes.

The PEQ motion detector LED light blinks blue while trying to pair with ST which blink green slowly.

I’ve tried resetting the PEQ motion detector by pressing the recessed silver button while inserting the battery, but it just continues to blink blue and it wont pair with ST.

When I press the PEQ motion detector recessed silver button several times then LED will blink purple a couple of times, then blink blue a couple of times and repeat back to purple, etc.

I’ve tried removing the battery for a while.

it just wont ever stop blinking blue and blink green like a paired PEQ motion detector does.

Are you using custom device handlers for it? If yes, open the device handler in IDE and Publish for Me. Reset the device and try to pair it again. There is a known issue where device handlers become stale preventing devices from pairing.

No, just the ‘built-in’ ST handler (for centralite) that it automatically paired with.

note, other PEQ motion sensors are working fine.