PEQ Leak Sensors

I have 4 of these which are essentially rebranded Centralite/SmartThings sensors. They worked fine with Iris, but have been problematic under SmartThings since day 1. They typically just stop reporting temperature or battery but will still report leaks, except 1 which just goes dead. Resetting the sensors will bring them all back online for a period of time. All of the batteries are reporting 88%.

Here’s the weird thing, all 3 out of 4 stopped reporting on Sunday, only 1 continues to report. Anyone using these experiencing any issues? Current firmware is 0x10015100 My Iris-branded leak sensor of the same type works like a champ. I’m guessing it’s a firmware issue; mesh density isn’t an issue with 43 SmartPlugs connected throughout the house.

When I pull and re-insert the battery I’ll see these 2 messages in the IDE:

9:08:13 PM: debug Sending enroll response
9:08:13 PM: debug Refreshing Temperature and Battery

I’m concerned about the enroll response being logged.

Thanks for your input.

Is your account set up for secure rejoin?

I’ve got 2 of them, never had any issues with them in ST

I had one that definitely indicated wetness (amber light was on), but did not report into SmartThings.

I guess it had dropped off the network. Excluded and re-included… hope it is working now.

Since detecting leaks is critical, I hope that was an anomaly.

I have 8 of them. 6 work consistently, while the other 2 drop off and need the battery removed and re-added periodically. Honestly, not reliable with respect to the function they are designed to serve. The 6 that work consistently are located where the most damage could occur. The other 2, if would be nice to know, but with their location in the basement, it’s less critical (plus there’s another backup there anyway).

I’m not sure how many of these I have, but it is at least 15. I’m on the same firmware as you and I’m not having any issues. I have had a few drop off from time to time, but not recently. Also, I use Simple Device Viewer to alert me if it hasn’t heard from a device in a few days.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am glad to learn that I am not alone.

@JDRoberts great suggestion! I verified that unsercure rejoin is enabled, but thanks for suggesting it. I hadn’t thought to look at that.

@tgauchat how many times have you had to reset?

@greg I am using simple device viewer to alert me too.

I’ve decided to purchase a replacement for the one sensor located behind the fridge given it’s the hardest one to access to reset. I’ll take that one which also drops off the most frequent of the 4, and see if it’s any better next to the hub.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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If it’s behind the refrigerator, it may just be having a hard time getting signal through. Before abandoning that particular one, I would swap that one with one of the other ones that is working, and see if it’s the location rather than the device which is problematic.

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I will try swapping it first, thanks for the suggestion. I’m not worried about signal as I have a smart plug for the fridge a few feet above it which I use for energy monitoring and alerting.

You can get reverb behind a large metal object with some weird results even if the repeater is nearby. It’s just worth checking. :sunglasses:

No doubt that multi-path interference could be an issue. Problem is I’m not highly motivated to move the fridge right now! :zzz:

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Once. … But I don’t “re-test” very often.