PEQ Door/Window Sensors - Temperature incorrect?

(Josh Fink) #1

I’m wondering if anyone else who has the PEQ Door/Window Sensors are having trouble with the temperature reading. I have a fantastically accurate field thermometer and I decided to see whether my thermostat was right or my PEQ sensors were right.

It seems that both were wrong but I can adjust the offset on my thermostat but I don’t see a way to do that with the PEQ.

Any ideas? Any ideas for a better temperature sensor? Maybe something standalone?



( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

The temperature offset for the SmartThings sensors is just a feature of the Device Handler (i.e., a rather simple software feature, not hardware or firmware.

It would somewhat simple for myself or other Community member to add this functionality to the PEQ SmartDevice Type(s); and ideally submit for SmartThings to update the official ones.

One reasons I hesitate to do this, is that the SmartThings process for such an official modification isn’t streamlined at the moment. They have promised GitHub integration “very soon”; which would help ensure this sort of modification works smoothly as a pull request.

(Ron) #3

@tgauchat You are correct that this can be done in the deivce code but just FYI some devices do have the offset feature. The zxt-120 for example has a zwave setting to adjust the offset. The Fibaro motion sensor has a hardware temp offset also. Not sure if the PEQ has this feature I could not find a manual for this device online.

In either case the device code would need to be modified.

(Josh Fink) #4

Thanks… @Ron and @tgauchat . Good info. I’m still learning about all this so every day I find out something new.