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Pentair ScreenLogic

Let me help. Here is mine. Currently working.

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Nice working work!!

I confirm the Wireless device works fine with rs-486. Now I have my pool stuff on Smartthings and ActionTiles.
Thanks guys!

Step 1 and 2 from install instructions went right over my head. Are there any videos or more detailed instructions to get this installed ?

No I do not think there are any video based steps. It may take some digging and self learning as this is still a pretty technical solution. You need to leave basics of running a Raspberry PI microcontroller, then on to Nodejs install ahead of this system.

Do you have a BoM for all the equipment needed? I currently have an intellipro pump, it looks like you have a rpi, some kind of arduino, and a few pentair modules.

Just a guess but the arduino is controlling valves and the pentair modules are 485 converters?


You need a Raspbery Pi running Nodejs-Poolcontroller. That requires an RS-485 adapter which is wired to the Pentair controller. There is no separate Arduino in the system - all the automation is done via Pentair Intellitouch.