Pella Insynctive Integration

(Paul) #1

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Has anyone tried to integrate the Pella Insynctive products? Their integrated motorized blinds and integrated open/closed/deadbolt sensors look nice, especially for new home construction and renovations.

Looks like you need their hub to communicate with their devices, but then their hub can communicate over Z-Wave to other HA controllers? Interesting…

(sidjohn1) #2

I’m waiting for my local pella store to get them in so I can check them out. I’ve had my eyes on these for a while

(Paul) #3

For those interested, there’s a tiny bit more info here:

@sidjohn1 Let me know what you find. In a year or so we’ll be embarking on a renovation of the back of our house, which will mean a new sliding door and at least 8 south-facing windows. I’m seriously considering these integrated motorized blinds.


It’s a 433/z-wave bridge. Those have been fairly common in Europe, it’s interesting to see one for the U.S.

One unusual aspect: the bridge itself is battery-powered. It will have a 4 to 6 month battery life if you issue just a few commands per day. If you poll every 5 minutes, you’ll be very unhappy, as the battery would likely last less than a week.

(Paul) #5

I think the bridge is mains powered with a battery backup. From the product guide under setup:

Plug BRIDGE into an electrical outlet (light will turn green and then flash blue).

But speaking of batteries, does Pella offer a mains powered option for their blinds and/or sensors? Seems like they should… if I’m already tearing out a window, it’s usually trivial to drill through the frame and pull power.

(EJ Johnson) #6

The between the glass blinds/shades have a solar panel that will recharge the battery if it gets direct sunlight. Otherwise there is a power cord you can connect to it to charge it.

(Brent Haag) #7

Anyone have any more information on this? I’m replacing some windows and seriously considering adding this option, but I see that Wink is the main platform they support. If the bridge showed up as “contacts” in SmartThings, I’d be fine, but who knows!

(Ben Lhotka) #8

Keeping the thread alive. I’m about to pull the trigger on new Pella windows and doors with Insynctive and use Smartthings. From what I can find the Pella wave bridge is integrated with Wink to date… wondering if/when Smartthings will make the same move?

(Paul) #9

I don’t know that anyone has ever tried to connect the bridge to ST. It might just work. The insynctive sensors are all very basic, and the bridge is a Zwave device, if I remember correctly.

At the very least, it may be possible to write a device handler for the bridge… again, I don’t think anyone has tried.

We are slowly moving toward putting an addition on the back of our house, and I am tempted to go with Pella also. Let me know what you find.

I would not hold my breath for an official integration from ST. These things seem to take forever.

(Brent Haag) #10

Note: I found out the built in sensors are only on a certain model line–I don’t recall the name, but it was the wood ones. You can get other sensors, but I think they are external and visible.

(Geof Nieboer) #11

I have just installed a Pella Designer door with the lock and door sensors built in, and connected the Insynctive Bridge to my ST Hub.
So the good news… it was immediately recognized.
Bad news… it was recognized as a “remote” and doesn’t show anything

So the “remote” part sort of could make sense, as the bridge is also used for motorized shades etc (I don’t have those). But since that’s not useful, I thought I’d try making a device handler.

So unfortunately I’m having little luck and would love some pointers from device handler pros.

Here’s what the device reports:
Data MSR: 013D-0003-001F
Raw Description zw:L type:0100 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:85,86,72,21

So I figure most of the good commands are going to be the “manufacturer proprietary” one. But since I only want to parse open/close lock/unlock commands, I thought reversing the incoming events would be easy.

Unfortunately, none of these events seem to be arriving. I build a crude handler with this core function:
def parse(String description) {
log.debug “Parsing ‘${description}’”
def cmd = zwave.parse(description)
if (cmd) {
result = zwaveEvent(cmd)
log.debug “Parsed ${cmd} to ${result.inspect()}”
} else {
log.debug “Non-parsed event: ${description}”
return result

Which as I understand should show the results of any received events in the Logging tab. And when I test the z-wave connectivity of the device, it appears to work, and I receive the following event in the logs:

Parsing 'zw device: 35, command: 2003, payload: 00 ’

So that seems to show the basics are working. And pressing the other test function on the bridge shows the device is in fact communicating with the door sensors. But nothing seems to be being passed on via z-wave, so I’m stuck. Are there devices where a hub has to “subscribe” to events??

Any suggestions?

(Brent Haag) #12

I wish I could help…

(EJ Johnson) #13

I had the bridge working with Pella window/door sensors and Vera with general Z-wave practices. You have to pair each sensor to the hub individually via the bridge. So the bridge needs to be paired first and shows up as a remote that really doesn’t do anything, and then each sensor also gets paired with it’s own individual process (via the bridge) as it’s own device. I tried several months ago to add to SmartThings in the same manner that worked perfectly with Wink and with Vera, but couldn’t get it to work. That tells me that we probably just need a Device Handler written for SmartThings for the Bridge, but I don’t know the first thing about how to start that. Is there anyone we could work with to do so? Pella advertises Z-wave compatibility, but SmartThings doesn’t seem to be liking something…