Peephole camera with ST integration?

The wife wants a peephole installed on the front door. I’d like to take a tech-approach instead of the traditional peephole. I see many peephole cameras with screens on the inside of the door. Any suggestions of peephole cameras that integrate with ST? Yale makes one which connects to wifi.

What are you looking for it to do in ST?

If you are using ActionTiles, most WiFi cameras can be pulled up on there as a feed (as long as you can figure out how to view it from a browser).

I’d like it to be able to notify me when someone rings the doorbell. Any wifi peephole cameras you can suggest?

When they ring the bell?

Are you wanting it to be tied to the doorbell? Or to notify you of motion?

Motion would be good. We have a gated front entry area before you reach the front door so it shouldn’t give too many false alerts.

To my knowledge there isn’t anything that will tie into ST as far as a peephole cam goes.

You could just do a simple peephole and add a Ring Doorbell Camera though.

However, if you are for sure wanting a peephole camera, find one that can notify you if it has motion and use Tasker with SharpTools to semi-integrate it.
You an use SharpTools to communicate with SmartThings devices and Tasker can see your phone alerts (Android only).

For example, motion is detected at the front door. A push notification is sent to your phone(s) and/or tablet(s). Tasker is set to find that notification in the tray so it can pass that along to SharpTools. You set up SharpTools so that it will press a momentary button or flip a switch in SmartThings that will play an audio clip over your speakers and alert you of the motion at the front door.

The effectiveness will all be based on how long it takes that peephole camera to notify you, but it should be pretty quick.


Peephole cameras are typically installed inside the home and video doorbells are installed outside the home. If you live in a high crime area where exterior equipment is likely to get stolen or damaged, the doorbells won’t work for you. But if that’s not an issue, as @diehllane mentioned there are several good video doorbell options now. Both skybell and ring have official SmartThings integration.

Following article discusses the various video doorbells. Not everyone will agree with their conclusion, but it’s a good discussion of the differences.

And here are the official support articles on the ones that work with SmartThings.

You can use an Arlo camera ( which also has official smartthings integration) indoors and set it up like a peephole camera through a window, but the motion sensor won’t work through glass. There are some workarounds for that, but they can get a little expensive.

Outside of those, the suggestions that @diehllane gave you are good, just more work to setup.

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Any updates on the Custom integration with Nest Peephole Cam to ST?