Peanut Smart Plug - Please Wait failure & and no devices in IDE

(Bob Wenzlau) #1

New to the SmartThings society. Installing a Peanut Smart Plug, changed the name, then have the “Please Wait”. Read to go to the site, and reconfigure the device. I see know way out of this, as it is not clear (newbie) how to remove a device, and the IDE site shows none of my devices.

Any generous souls to help me get going.

(Realy Living Dream) #2

change device type to Smartpower outlet in IDE. That should get it working, You may need to reset it and reinclude it after you tell ST what it is. I have 3 of them & they work as well with ST as they do with A+

(Justin) #3

I am sure you have figured this out but this video will help you for sure!