Peanut Plug with Smartthings? (DTH in post 35)

Hi Danabw

  1. all custom DTH are running in the cloud as far as I know. You can try using the default zigbee switch DTH if you want to run locally.
  2. I am not aware of a way to tell the FW version other than the Securify Router.

Hi eleport1

Great to hear that it is working for you. You need firmware upgrade to get the power data. Somehow they don’t update the firmware when they ship it. I got several new ones from Amazon, they are all old firmware.

Would you have the GitHub settings so I can add them to my update settings? Thanks.

Hi, joelw135

Just updated the github, you can try the settings

owner: pakmanwg
name: smartthings-peanut-plug
branch: master

You should be able to add to your settings. Let me know if you have problem.

Worked fine thanks.

I posted this in the Deals thread, but I had originally planned to post it here…

Where are you located?

Katy, Texas

I am going to walk over there from New Jersey!

Hah. Just let me know when to expect you!

@WellBalanced I am in Houston and would be interested in having my Peanut Plugs firmware updated. I have two now but am looking to get a few more. Once they are in perhaps I can buy you some beer for your trouble? :slight_smile:

I am totally open to that. :beer:

I was able to get my Peanut Plugs firmware upgraded thanks to the kindness of @WellBalanced. Thanks again!

@pakmanwg have you noticed incorrect wattage readings with your DTH? I have a PC plugged into one which I know pulls around 900w constantly but the Peanut Plug in ST is showing about half of that.

Hi, the W is getting directly from the peanut plug, I did not do any conversion. The kwh is done by sampling, it is sampling every 5 min, it is taking the sample W multiplied by the time to get kwh. So if the usage fluctuate quickly, the kwh may not be accurate.
Are you sure it is pulling 900W, this is a lot of power. I am not sure if there is normal current range for the plug to measure the wattage correctly. Do you have another peanut plug to try to see if the W is consistent?

I am fairly confident my estimate is accurate. I went through a number of different energy reporting WiFi smart plugs off Amazon that I returned before attempting to use the Peanut Plug (several of which this much wattage killed the plugs in a matter of days or weeks). I know the wattage is high. This PC runs six mining GPUs and each card pulls a pretty steady 140-150W as they run full blast 24/7. I have a few other Peanut Plugs I guess I could test with. The wattage reported by the DTH does not fluctuate much, it just doesn’t seem to be accurate. Somewhere, possibly at work, I have a kill-a-watt. If I can find it I will bring it home and test it inline with the Peanut Plug.

I just tested on another PP with a device I know for a fact pulls at least 800W constant and the DTH is reporting 377.6W. Perhaps these things are either not as accurate as we might expect, or the power value is not literal wattage. I also found it strange that my washer plugged into one never showed more than 60ish watts, which seems kinda low even for a energy efficient washer.

I got an Aeon switch which also have power reading. I can try it out tonight to see if the PP measurement are the same.

Excellent. Thanks! I was almost inclined to say it’s off by a factor of two and started wondering if it had to do with 110 vs 220 but it doesn’t seem the plug even supports to 220 so that it isn’t it.

Hi RyanW

You are right. The power is off. Here is my Aeon and Almond result versus smartthings result before the fix.

After the fix,


You can try out the v01.02 to see if it works for you. I did not realize it need to be calibrated.

Updated and these values look so much more accurate! Thanks so much @pakmanwg for fixing this and for creating the DTH in the first place. If I can locate my kill-a-watt I’ll confirm the accuracy on my end but these already look correct based on what I know about the devices I have connected to them.