Peanut Plug firmware/OTA update

I was able to get Securifi to send me the OTA file for the peanut plugs. However, I’m struggling to figure out a mechanism to send the OTA file to the device. From my understanding, the hub is able to send OTA updates to devices. But we as uses have no way of loading and queuing up the updates?

Given the peanut plugs are Zigbee devices, I have a raspbee module installed on a Raspberry Pi. I loaded deconz and Phoscon on the Pi in an attempt to push the OTA update. The update is queued and it looks like the device is checking, but it never takes the update. I let it sit all night and it didn’t work.

Is there another method I can use to push OTA updates to Zigbee devices? Any ideas would be appreciated.

I read somewhere here that you need the Almond hub to update Peanut Plugs

It’s a Zigbee OTA update. It should be possible given the right tools and directions. I’m looking for a way to do it without buying their router. The fact that they gave me the firmware file is promising.

In an ideal world, it should be possible. I’m just not sure it’s possible with SmartThings.

I’m not an expert, just passing on what I’ve read here. I’ve got two Peanut Plugs that work fine without ever being updated.

Ahead, I don’t think it possible with the hub either. But lots of folks here have other hardware. I was hoping to get their insight.

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Hi @shadowjig, check out this discussion and the other links inside related to sniffer/mapping tools you can use. I believe one of them will do firmware updates if I remember correctly.

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