Peanut plug and new Samsung Connect app?

I have one Peanut plug on my home system… works fine… made the appropriate device type and have been using it for ages. Home account is a SmartThings account, not Samsung if it makes a difference.

I bought another Peanut to use at our local makerspace. The makerspace account is a Samsung account and I was using it with the original SmartThings app. I had a bunch of weird issues with the hub initially, but finally got things working. Although the hub wouldn’t show up in the SmartThings IDE and some other oddness… things were pretty much working. Had Alexa controlling the Peanut via SmartThings just fine.

Decided with the new Samsung Connect app, I’d see about just resetting everything (only had 3 devices on the makerspace setup so far) and redo everything so the hub showed up properly. For some reason,t he Peanut plug isn’t being detected at all.

Took the whole system home… my home system (SmartThings account, SmartThings app) sees the Peanut just fine. Second hub (Samsung Account, new consolidated Samsung Connect app) which added the hub and the Fibaro motion detector, just will not see the Peanut.

So at this point, either it’s the new app (unlikely), new app (unlikely) or a bad hub (seems more likely). Before I try to get the hub replaced, can anyone verify that the Peanut shows up on a v2 hub, Samsung account, Samsung Connect app?


The connect app doesn’t work with custom DTH I believe

It’s not the hub.

If you are using the v2 Hub then you should be using the SmartThings Classic (original application) and not the new application. It’s not complete.

You can read through this entire thread or other threads in the community. An email was sent on the 5th of March as well.

Doesn’t matter how or what they sent out that confused a ton of community members, knowing this information now, just stay away from the new app until it’s ready :slight_smile:

Ah… thank you both. Since devices and the hub were showing up in the IDE I thought it should be working… and the issues I had with the hub lead me to believe that that was more likely the culprit. It seems like even the new app should be able to send the command to the hub to search… and from there it should show up in the IDE even if it’s the wrong type. But the reason I was asking is because I thought there was a slim chance the new app was just not bothering to acknowledge unknown devices (silly since half the fun of SmartThings is the ability to add technically “unsupported” devices and the community figures out how to make them work).

Thanks for the verification! I’ll reset everything and re-add it to the classic SmartThings app.

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