My Condo Association is looking at specifying the pdqSMART Grade 2 Cylindrical SDS - STP. The brochure says it Integrates with Alexa, Google Home, Nest cameras, and other “smart” devices. My question is there any way to connect this to a Smartthings hub series 3? Has anyone written any code to make this work? Does anyone have any experience with this product working with Smartthings? Thanks…Sheila

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The short answer is that it’s not going to integrate with smartthings. :disappointed_relieved:

The long answer is that this is an access control system Intended for multiunit buildings like apartment buildings, office buildings, etc. Each individual lock uses Bluetooth to connect to the app on the authorized user’s phone. In addition, there is a hidden hub somewhere in the building which only the management has access to. That allows for an end to end encrypted Wi-Fi network which individual users will not have access to which connects to their own cloud. From their cloud, they offer integration with echo or Google assistant.

This is an expensive and complex system and individual users are not going to have access to the hub or cloud because they want to make sure you can’t get into anyone else’s lock.

You could get a partial one way integration by using Echo as a man in the middle, but you would have to use the old method of having another device set up next to your echo that could then literally speak to it. the set up would be both complicated and, again, very limited integration. It’s likely that the only thing you would be able to do is lock the lock.

So if the condo association goes with this solution, you’ll probably be better off just using their app and not trying to get smartthings integration.

Personally, while I would be OK with this solution for an apartment building, I don’t like it for a condo. It gives the building management instant access to everybody’s individual lock, and I have privacy and security concerns in that regard.