PC World selling old (2015) version of moisture sensor?

I’ve just picked up a moisture sensor from PC World/Currys.

Samsung have a page that explains how you can check which version of the sensor you have. The new/current sensor has a label on the back with a part number on it while the old one does not have a label.

The one I picked up today does not have the sticker on it so it looks like I’ve been sold an old model.

Anyone else have any experience of this?

Does anyone actually know what the difference is between the old and current version?

Those are US parts, aren’t they? As far as I know there’s only been one version of the UK sensor.

If Samsung released a newer model last year why is the UK market being supplied the old model? To get rid of old stock maybe?

It would be useful to know what the difference is between the 2 models to know how important this is. You have to wonder though why Samsung would go to the trouble of releasing a brand new model if it didn’t contain some important improvements over the old one.