PC Help for Sonoff - Not able to Write Sketches or Flash with FTDI

Quick question: when trying to flash my Sonoff’s with ESP Easy i am unable to do it from my main desktop computer. in the command prompt it says unable to access the com port. (same problem if i try and write sketches to arduino’s) I can see the com in the device manager and am running CMD in administrator mode. - I’m sure its a PC problem because i can move over to my laptop - take the exact same steps and it works perfectly.

Is something else open that is accessing and locking the com port? Try killing some of the other apps/services you have running and see if that clears it up. Also, is your USB driver up-to-date?

Makes sense Ryan! I went in and double checked everything made sure i dont have any programs or background apps running that should cause any issues and am still having the issue. I also did double check and updated the USB Driver - Still the exact same issue.

The flash says its running on Com6 But your usb to serial is showing up on port 3. Trying using the correct port.

Good catch Ryan - Forgot i moved it to a completely different port. Retried it again this time using com3 - same result.