Patio door open detector, timer, at our rental home in Florida, fails to auto turn AC back on

We own a second home in Florida, which we rent out when we are back home in the UK.
We fitted the Smart Things system at great expense, to ensure that renters dont leave the patio door, onto the pool deck open, on a hot day, for hours and hours, with the A/C on, cooling earths atmosphere at our expense. We set the time that the patio door can be open ( with the A/C still on) at 5 minuets, after which the A/C should turn off, automatically, even if the door is still open. so far so good. However, the A/C never comes back on again automatically, regardless of how long the door has been closed afterwards. The AC can’t be switched on remotely by us back home either, and it will never reset itself. This is not good to see when we are 5,000 miles away in England. I have owned an electronic’s company in the UK for 40 years and am no stranger at all to electronic security systems, including door monitoring. What can you do to fix this?

can you provide more details…

  1. what type of thermostat?
  2. what are you using to turn it off…routine, automation, piston or other such as smartapp?
  3. what type of sensor detecting door is open?
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