Path to Cloud avoidance & having local backups?

What newer devices have local battery backups built in and tend NOT to use the cloud (if possible)?

My experience has been the cloud seems to go down a lot, built in batteries are a life saver when the power goes out, and battery powered IoT devices that use batteries are horrible in cold climates.

In fact, I returned all the battery powered Samsung sensors and bought wall powered devices. They all died in 3 weeks time.

Any tips? I still have an old v2 Samsung Hub.

Sounds like something is wrong with those sensors. I’ve got a couple in freezers, and I’ve replaced batteries only once in the last couple years. The Lowe’s sensors are even better, if you can find them.

Your experience with the cloud seems out of the ordinary. Are you having any internet or router issues? What do you mean by a lot?


I have a v2 and a bunch of SmartThings sensors. I use mostly Smart Lighting for its local processing to avoid cloud. But as far as batteries go, last time I changed them was over a year ago. Some NYCE and Iris are going on second year and still strong. It depends on the traffic, sensors that get a lot of activity may last less than a year, but definitely not weeks.


Most batteries fail below freezing. Nothing to do with SmartThings. But if the devices are inside the house and the house is normally heated, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, are you saying that three plug-in devices failed within three weeks? Then there’s definitely something odd going on.

What was the brand and model of the devices that failed? And what country do you live in?


Every couple months there is an issue with the cloud. No, those sensors were Samsung and working properly.
Samsung said they were not made for “outdoor” use. In Michigan it gets down to -20 in the winters and I placed a few of the senors in unheated rooms.

The brand was Samsung, there were the version 2 of the motion sensors. I tend not to heat the entire house, as this get expensive. Winters are very cold here.

I would look into Aeotec multi sensors for motion. I keep a few outside and they work fine. Not as good on battery life, but you can plug them in if you want.

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