Passing parameters through a simulated device

I am trying to find away of getting a user inputted parameter through a simulated device. To bring that to life I have a ‘working from home’ simulated button that alters heating/ pumps etc. The only issue is that I either need to remember to turn it off when I am no longer working at home (ie perhaps after a couple of days) or have to set it each day. Is there a simulated device that I could use where I could set a ‘working from home’ through a slider (to select number of days) which I could then pass the value into Webcore etc? Hope this makes sense

There is a simulated dimmer switch so you could set the dimmer to a percentage and then pull the setting in webcore and convert it to a integer to use as the days to turn off the simulated switch?

There is no way, at least no way I could think of to just get the level setting, but you could loop from 1 to 100 and check if the level is equal to each value. I assume 100 days would be good enough, I would think probably much less.

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