Parse not getting called

I am trying to write a device handler for a Zigbee switch (Quirky Smart Switch). I would say that I have already accomplished most of the task as I am now able to turn on and off the switch and update its status by clicking on refresh. But then, that is the problem… the switch doesn’t send any logs when manually pressed. It is only after clicking on “Refresh” that the status gets updated. The current work around I have for this issue is to call refresh on the poll procedure but this takes around 10 minutes before the status gets updated.

The switch was actually working before but the recent updates on the hub’s firmware somehow broke this and they now register as “Unknown” which prompted me to try writing my own device hander.

Another follow-up question on the side is, I am trying to record the time when the poll procedure is last called by displaying it on the device’s tile. Problem is, the date is UTC. How do I convert it to local timezone.

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