Parent-Child SmartApps permission problem?

I just got a smartthings hub & I’ve made a few apps just by looking at the docs. I can’t find anywhere that people are talking about my problem.

When I install the CoRe app on my hub & I go to “automation” tab then to the CoRE dashboard on my account that I started with when I registered the hub I can create a piston. If I add a family member to the hub & they login to their account an then go click the CoRE create a piston it brings up a loading circle but doesn’t go anywhere.

Does the Parent-Child SmartApps for creation action have any permissions for family member addon accounts that I’m missing?

PS: I just used CoRE because I have it installed but this is happening on other apps as well.

Thanks for any help!

Hello, I had the same problem a few days ago. I deleted the Smartthing app and then re-installed it. This has solved this problem. Good luck !

Thanks for the reply! Do you mean the smarthings phone app or smartapps?

I mean the Smartthings phone app.

I’ve uninstalled the smathings mobile app & reinstalled it & it still brings the loading circle up but never switches pages for the family member addon account.

I am sorry that this does not work for you, unfortunately my knowledge does not go any further, I hope that a professional will be able to help you

No worries! Thanks for trying to help!