Pandora, ect. through speakers?

(Steven ) #1

What I think would be really cool is if there was a SmartApp that enabled Pandora control. You could, for example, mount an iPad to the wall and use it as a controller with a music player, such as Pandora. SmartThings could play music from Pandora through the speakers in your room, and maybe even possibly change what speakers the music comes out of when you walk into a different room, so that the music follows you :smile:. The Pandora, or alternative music player could have a smartApp that synced acrossed all devices that had access in the household, so the song could be changed. I don’t know if this is at all possible, but if it is, someone make a smartapp for it or implement it in some way. Thanks:stuck_out_tongue:

(sidjohn1) #2

Pandora has a habit of changing their API so that things like this will break.

(Steven ) #3

I mean but is it like at all possible to make music come out of speakers using the Pandora app, maybe instead, on the ipod or iPhone

(Brice; #4

Yes, this could definitely be possible if you have a computer running some software (something like that sits between SmartThings and the speakers. ObyThing doesn’t support Pandora, because Pandora doesn’t support Applescript or some easy way to control it from another app, but the version that has been waiting to get cleaned up for a very long time now does support Spotify and could add support for anything else with Applescript support.

(Steven ) #5

Thank you much! I will defiantly check it out

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #6

You can do this with Android and Tasker as well. Let’s say motion sensors in each room are used to trigger for which room should play music. You could use SharpTools to subscribe to the motion event and then use the built-in Tasker media events or AutoInput to control Pandora.

(Steven ) #7

Thanks for the tip! :smile: