Pairing Xiaomi leak and humidity sensors using new app

Has anyone been able to find a way to pair non supported devices using the new app? Classic is no longer working for me. Cheers

Yes, just use the somewhat unfortunately named ‘Scan nearby’ button. That is pretty much equivalent to the process in Classic.

Thanks, I have given that a go but no luck. I appreciate that pairing xiaomi devices is very troublesome however it has never been this difficult. Cheers

Have you installed any custom device handlers for them in the past? If yes, it could have become stale which is a known issue. Login to IDE, open the device handlers and Publish for Me. Reset the device and try to pair again.

Yeah I already have 2 other humidity sensors and 2 other leak sensors. Thanks I will give the publish for me trick a go this evening. Cheers

Still no luck unfortunately