Pairing a second Schlage lock makes both non-functional

So I had one Schlage Connect working completely fine, then I installed a second. it paired fine but then both locks stop working. I tried unpairing them both and re-pairing them and the same issue keeps happening. I also tried repairing the z-wave network and it says they both fail to update the route. I can pair either in isolation and have it work fine, but when I add the second regardless of the order it causes both of them to cease working. Any ideas?? Thanks!

I have two Schlage Connects… both working no problem.

I paired each by first “cheating” and initializing them before installation (you have to hold the lock in the correct orientation so that it can sense the bolt direction).

My “idea” is to bring the Hub closer to one or both locks, Exclude, Include, etc., in various combinations until you find a stable one, and hopefully can move the Hub and successfully repair.

I’ve had 2 Schlage 469 touchscreens on 4 different hubs and never had any issue with them interfering with one another. There has to be something else going on

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