Paint door sensors?

(John Palmer) #1

Ordered a kit and it’s on the way. Was wondering if it is ok to paint the door/window sensors. My doors are a dark stain and the white will really stand out.
Thought I would use a light coat of spray paint. Has anyone done this?

Thank you!

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

Very good question! I would like to know the answer as well since mine are also a dark stain. I would guess the spray paint for plastic would probably work on it.

(Andrew Urman) #3

@johnpalmer make sure to take the electronics out of the enclosure before you paint it. Spray away. I plasttidipped mine and they came out awesome looking.

Just MAKE SURE the paint is fully dry 24 hours before putting the electronics back in.


(Jeff DeWolfe) #4

Good point. No wonder you make the big bucks! :slight_smile:

(John Palmer) #5

Thank you for the replies. Will make sure to post how they turn out.

(Todd Wackford) #6

I painted the house to match my sensors so I can maintain the warranty. :cool: Hehehee.