Paged Confirm_access page, not working on desktop

Hey guys

I tried to search a bit and didn’t find anything on the topic, but I am working on an app that uses oauth auth with ST, so I have a smartapp built for that. It uses almost identical code per the docs:

preferences {
    page(name: "pageOne", title: "Gear Devices:", nextPage: "selectActions", uninstall: true) {
        section("Choose devices to control with watch") {
			input "switches", "capability.switch", title: "Which Switches?",  required: false, multiple: true
        	//input "locks", "capability.lock", title: "Which Locks?", required: false, multiple: true     
        	//input "lights", "capability.light", title: "Which Lights?", required: false, multiple: true     
        	//input "levels", "capability.switchLevel", title: "Which level switches?", required: false, multiple: true     
        	//input "motion", "capability.motionSensor", title: "Which Motion Sensors?", required: false, multiple: true     
    page(name: "selectActions")

def selectActions() {
    dynamicPage(name: "selectActions", title: "Gear Actions/Routines", install: true, uninstall: true) {
        // get the available actions
        def actions = location.helloHome?.getPhrases()*.label
        if (actions) {
        	// sort them alphabetically
        	section("Choose routines to execute with watch:") {
        		log.trace actions
            	input "action", "enum", title: "Select an routines to execute", options: actions, required: false, multiple: true

The issue is that when I go to the page to grant access to my devices, i select my hub but no devices are listed and no pages are present. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something stupid? See screenshot for what it looks like.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You probably just need to be sure you’ve specified the OAuth page and that it is the first page, as documented here:


awesome! that got my switches up and running! thanks, cant believe i missed that. how would you get routines or “hello phrases” through oauth then if you cant have dynamic pages?

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Is it even possible to get routines through oauth?? @Jim

Routines/non-device preferences will need to be configured in-app through dynamic pages after it has been installed through the OAuth flow.