Overwhelmed! LED Lightstrips (Lightify, FLS-PP, Fibaro)?

Hey all! I just got into ST after moving into the city and living in an old apartment with no ceiling lighting.

Right now I have a handful of z-wave dimmer switches connected to lamps, and also an Amazon Echo which I am trying to utilize more to control more of my devices.

I stumbled across a bunch of threads on here about the above light strips - I want to use one to backlight my TV area… But I’m confused as to which would be the easiest to implement?

It looks like OSRAM is the easiest? Is there any reason to go FLS-PP or Fibaro? Which would you guys say is the most ready to use? Which would most likely integrate with Echo?


I don’t have a lot of experience, but I can say the Hue Lightstrips Plus does not integrate directly with Echo. It does integrate with Echo through Smartthings though.

It also has some IFTTT integration. For example, you can ask “Alexa, trigger color loop” or “Alexa trigger lights XXX color” and she will respond, “OK, sending that to IFTTT” and then completes the command.

The primary benefit for either one of these is that it separates control from the actual strips hardware, so long runs or custom runs become both possible and more economical. For just a TV, you probably don’t need the flexibility; but it might help you get a nice even backlighting rectangle.

Osram is probably the easiest to get connected and use with ST since it’s officially supported and all comes as one device.

The ST integration with Echo can only do on/off/dim, so for changing color you would have to get creative with virtual switches. You might be better off with Hue Lightstrips and the Hue Hub as @jcrissey mentioned since you can use the IFTTT Echo integration to get more flexibility to change colors easily. You also get the benefit of all the 3rd party Hue apps that are out there, specifically for a TV backlight I believe there are several that will coordinate the backlight with what’s on the screen. You simply won’t be able to do that directly in ST without a ton of work.

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Thanks for the explanation Scott!

I am not averse to some coding and actually I think I want to integrate with Plex so that I can code in different colors and such while playing TV shows or movies. Being that I lack living room lights… The LED strips will also serve as some ambient light on the TV side of the room.

At initial thought… I do not see myself constantly changing the colors…

  • Living Room on - Most likely ambient white maybe at a certain %
  • Watch Movie - plex script that sends command to ST API? - Hopefully changes color based on Movie Genre?
  • Living Room off

With all my stuff being Z-Wave… should i go with Fibaro? Or does it really matter between the two? Seems FLS-PP is 20 or so cheaper. Which seems more consistent and further along production wise?

Both are good. Fibraro has tons of options. The Fibraro has special affects such as Police, Storm and Fireplace.

I guess my goal is to avoid yet another app. Something that can integrate with ST would be the best… something that can somehow integrate with Echo… best case scenario.

The Alexa Helper gives you some color control:


I haven’t tried it and don’t know if it would fit your needs.

So I decided I wanted more control so I went with FLS-PP…

Grabbed this SuperNight RGBWW kit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KNSVL4I

And also grabbed some of these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T9DDA0G

Rolling the dice but I’m hoping theyre the right ones… will use those to turn 90 degrees and also move the lights to my floor speakers as well.

I opted to go this route because of what Scott said about more even lighting… Didnt want to deal with LIGHTIFY at 2’ at a time… now I have all 5m worth with the ability to go to 10m if necessary.

Thanks all!

Those connectors won’t work. They are for 12mm but you have 10mm strips. Regardless, I it can be frustrating when a little bump breaks the circuit. It is best to solder them.

Has anyone had success with the five pin connectors?

Crud! I went off of the latest reviews saying it was the right one… Guess I need to cancel

I’m surprised some reviews say it works. The contacts are so small it is even tricky to solder. There is definitely a need and I would like to know if any work.

I recommend just getting what has previously been documented:

I have these parts and it works great.

Wow those look completely different than what I was expecting to need…

I was just about to get:

and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019MU09EK/

But those female CCTV things look completely foreign to me… where would they go?

Note that there is a bug in the firmware in the FLS-PP Ip that causes it to ‘freeze’, my unit suffers from it but it was supposed to have been fixed in a new firmware version that was shipping with units ages ago however, another user of the community very recently got one and it was suffering the same issues so I’m not sure if the stock was fully flushed from Amazon.

Provided the firmware is fixed with the FLS-PP Ip it’s a great unit that even works with the Hue Bridge however, if I were to do it again (and I will be) I’d get the Fibaro RGBW. When I want accurate and MASSIVELY bright whites, I get the Hue Lightstrip Plus.

Well that stinks!! I saw some buggy mentions in the Fibaro thread too

I pulled an audible and cancelled my FLS-PP order and went Fibaro… hope I made the right choice!

I guess the question is, are you prepared to put in the DIY, maybe have to experiment a little and do you have some basic understanding of electronics?

If you are comfortable with all of that then by all means you should be good to go however, if you aren’t then I’d recommend the Hue Lightstrip+, it might be VERY expensive in comparison but it’ll work straight out of the box and it’s really very powerful.

Yes sir! I’m ready to do a lil wire stripping and tapping. I am trying to avoid soldering, but I should have everything I need to get this up and running. I have a few universal adapters with adjustable amperage that I’ll probably just cut off the ends to use as the power source.

I’ve also started messing with the python script someone posted in the Plex thread. I plan on setting up different activities in ST (I hope theyre activities and not just on/off) so that I can set the various colors.

I’m ready! Weekend fun!

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Awesome! Excited for you and it sounds like you’re good to go although of course, ask questions if you aren’t sure! Make sure to pop on over to the Fibaro thread and let us know how it goes!