Outside SmartLock (for gate)

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Longtime no post and all that, been moving and renovating a house from the ground up for the last 6 months so ive not had time to be tinkering… however its been a blessing to renovate a home with the preperation for smart tech, this time round we will be going all out with more cool ideas :slight_smile:

Whoch leads me to a question…

SMART LOCKS - most seem to be made for your typical front door, weatherproof on one side and the other side expected to be inside… however i have a large wooden gated entrance to the side of my home i want to put a smart lock on…

Does anyone know of a smart lock that would suit this type of case study, its to be attatched to a large wooden gate outside with both sides exposed to the weather…

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Sounds like a fantastic solution but possibly more complex that i may need… or maybe im wrong and youve hit it on the head.

I have a Ring Doorbell to go on the gate setup also, this large gate is before our front door - so its good for us because we can stop people reaching the house, so we have purchased a ring doorbell as our point of interaction with people at the otherside of the gate.

In terms of locks i dont there for need one with an inbuilt doorbell and nor a keypad really (however if its just as easy id be happy to adopt a keypad instead of key lock - its cool and useful i guess)

But in basic i just want something plug and play really that i can unlock with a key or keypad or buzz to open once ive seen who is there on the ring doorbell without having two big units on the gate to confuse people (ring doorbell & a large keypad)


I think you have hit the nail on the head, i just need to find Sparky mate who can put this together for me because my tinkering is very limited hence looking origonally for a plug and play option, but i agree this will work better :slight_smile:

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Kyle (uk)

This is what I went with. It’s not exactly “smart” but it’s a lot less complicated.

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This is exactlyyyyy the style and type of gate i hve and the route im going to take now :slight_smile:

As for knowing if the gte is open or closed you could atttched an open close sensor to know the gates state :slight_smile:


Hi @anon36505037
This is nearly the same as my gate setup.
Mine hinges on the right (yours is left from the secure area) and my garage hinges on the garage.
So ideally I could put power supply in garage.
I can see no wires in your set up.
How is it wired up in your setup?

You house/garage setup is the same as mine but unfortunately mine hinges from the other side.
I could rehinge from the other side easily enough as the mounting posts are of identical width.
Something for me to think about now.
I’ve always found it a pain in the xxxx to have to go in the house and unlock the gate when I get home to go straight to my garden or put the bins away.

The gate posts are bolted to the house and garage walls so should take the load ok.
I would like to have it as neat as yours with no wires showing.
Have to have a think if it’s worth £200 and a bit of work because I’m lazy :wink:

Would you kind enough to share the different relay that you would have used? I would like to replicate the setup and a buy list would be awesome!

You should do installs I’d have you round to do mine. Looks great btw

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What’s the hardware on this? Could you post links to buy? Has anyone ever successfully used an August lock outside, perhaps by putting in an iron overhang around the lock to protect it from the elements?

Another success story. Thanks @anon36505037 for all your ideas AND for your Fibaro 222 DTH (together with @cjcharles), makes it easy to change parameters, i.e. auto off after 25 milliseconds

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Hello Robin. I am currently using a Zigbee keypad with the smartthings device handler to activate my door lock but would like a simpler and waterproof keypad solution. Do you feel that the keypad you are using is secure enough so that it cant be opened up to reveal the wires which can then be used to open the lock? Thank You for your advice on this. Don

I have a “horizontal fence” that I would like to automate. Would you guys suggest the same setup given the gaps illustrated in the pics? Are there newer solutions to the problem? I’ve been searching and I can’t come up with a right answer.

The current solution was meant to be temporary, but 2 years later it’s still there and really starting to piss me off!