Outside lights routine doesnt always work


I have a couple of routines set on my outside lights.

1st one is at sunset outside lights turn on 100% brightness every day.

2nd outine is at 22:00 every day outside dim to 50% and turn off after 2 hours (midnight)

Recently when i come home in the last month ive had 2 or 3 times where the lights are at 50% at about 6pm.

When i check the history of the device it states they came on at sunset at 50%???

Never had issues before. I have deleted the device and linked it again and set up the routines again and was good for a week or so.

brand/model of outside lights?
can you post screenshots of the Routines being used?

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Try removing “Turn On” from routine. Leave dimmer percentage.

Cant im afraid. Have to select 1 of the 3

Only thing i can think is its turning on at the same level it last turned off, and its just ignoring the 100% bit

You can have dimmer set, and have turn on disabled.

Set dimmer value, and uncheck Turn On

Oh yeah, that worked. I thought i tried it.

Thanks for that. Hopefully that will do the job.


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