Outdoor zigbee repeater?

Is there anything rated for outdoor like the GE zwave module?

There are a couple of different zigbee heavy load relays which are rated for outdoor use and intended for use with pool pumps or similar equipment. Leviton makes one which is on the official “works with SmartThings” list and smartenIT makes one which is a little cheaper. These have to be wired into a circuit, though, and they are significantly more expensive than just a regular pocket socket, you’re looking at typical prices around $185.


But depending where you live, you may be able to just put a pocket socket plugged into any outdoor receptacle inside a weather sheltered plastic box. Clear plastic is best, blue plastic is sometimes problematic, metal is a definite problem when it comes to getting signal through.

If you’re technical and you live in the US, still another option is to use an XBee Pro module. Set up is fairly complex, but you can get great range, maybe as much as a mile, between two of these.

I should also mention that you can try a zigbee lightbulb rated for outdoor use, but if your network is busy, these can get overloaded and drop messages.

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Are you looking for a ZigBee module( outlet ) like the GE outdoor, or just any device that will work as a repeater ?
Osram Gardenspots are ZigBee and made for outdoor use. I have a Iris plugin module and Hue BR30 on my covered porch ( protected from elements) and the extreme temperatures do not seem to have had any adverse effects on performance.

A module. I have a gardenspot that loses connection but there is a Osram light bulb, Smartthings plug, another plug before the hub.

Is there an outdoor Zigbee device that would also be a repeater similar to the GE Outdoor Z Wave Plug in?
I currently have an Iris Outlet in my garage trying to connect my arrival sensor sooner because I am trying to use it to control my garage door automatically. It has only opened once when I pulled up. All the other times I have to sit for 20-30 seconds which defeats the purpose.

The iris smart plug but it isnt rated for outside