Outdoor Z-Wave 3-Way?

Good afternoon (or your local time of day),

I’m trying to create a wireless 3-way in my backyard. My plan was to get an Outdoor Toggle Cover, a GE Toggle Switch, and a GE Add-On Switch. However, I just found out that the GE Add-On doesn’t create a wireless 3-Way—it requires a traveler wire :disappointed:. (Which is why it’s only $18.)

Are there any add-on toggle switches that can control a Z-Wave device without a traveler? Else, can I get two regular GE Toggle Switches and program one to control the other instead of itself?


Linear has a three way switch that is really a virtual one. No trailer required.

I’ve only been able to find outdoor covers that work with toggle switches. Is there a cover that will work with a rocker switch like the Linear one?