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Outdoor Sirens for UK? (2018)



@ahmed24 - How did you get on with this, did you decide on an outdoor siren? Do you also have an indoor siren, too? If so, any recommendations?

Would something like this work as a siren (

(Robin) #145

The d-link siren you linked to is a great indoor siren and works well with ST.


Hi @JeffRoof I’ve been looking at the Neo Coolcam siren, I’m not hugely bothered about the fact that it’s not weatherproof as i’ll mount it under a soffitt to shield it from the bulk of the weather.


Hey @madmarko - Any particular reason you would get the NEO over the D-link I sent above?


just price, the Neo Coolcam can be had for half the price of the Amazon link.

How are you getting on with it? have you purchased yet? A siren is definitely my next Smart Home purchase


Aha, I see. I haven’t, yet. But, similar to you, I want that to be my next Smart Home purchase - I was just ensuring that it’s the right one that I buy.

I’ve also come across this one, but does not seem to be available in the UK, where I am based;

Dome Home Automation DMS01 Wireless Z-Wave Battery-Powered Home Security Siren and Chime, White