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Outdoor Sirens for UK? (2018)


(Ahmed) #34

Thanks @RobinWinbourne I just removed the ST multi sensor from the mounting bracket and bought it and placed it near the garden door which is about 4 or 5 meters away without doors from the ST hub and ST seems to have picked it up again. So wondering maybe I should mount this on on the garden patio door. It was originally installed on the front door which is about 8 meters away with a interior fire door in blocking it which is always kept closed.

When I was originally trying to discover this sensor from the front door, it just wasn’t picking it up. I had to bring the sensor close to the ST hub for it to discover it.

(Robin) #35

Sounds like you need some zigbee repeaters in your mesh.

(Ahmed) #36

I moved it back to the front door and re-mounted it and seems to be reporting ok now. Will see if the same thing happens again. Are you using the Fibaro FGK-101 door sensors?

(Robin) #37


I like the external wiring terminals that can be used with external dry contacts… you can wire neater sensors onto the door and hide the bigger unit somewhere else.

(Ahmed) #38

I bought a fibaro door sensor. I will move the front door ST one to the back door and use the new fibaro one on the front door.

I added the ST presence sensor to my ST hub today. In the app there doesn’t seem to be battery percentage status for the presence sensor like there is on the multi sensor. Is this normal?

Also there is a speaker icon for the presence sensor on the ST app and if I click on it, the presence sensor beeps after a while. Is this to be able to find it?and how do you stop the beep?

(Robin) #39

It beeps 3-4 times to help you find your keys and them stops itself.

I haven’t used the default device handler for the arrival sensors in a very long time, but I do remember them having the battery percentage… it does take a while to report battery status so maybe it will appear in a day or two.

I use this device handler, it gives the ability to disable the sensor i.e. make it appear away when it’s present.

(Ahmed) #40

Thanks @RobinWinbourne The battery status is now showing. I’ve installed that handler now. Can you tell me what the on and off button actually does? When I press it, it just changes from on or off but what does it actually do? If it’s off does that mean ST hub will not monitor it? So for example this morning I left for work and the sensor is now away. If I change the status to Off does that meant when I return home it will not detect me?

(Robin) #41

Correct, when ‘off’ it locks the current status to ‘away’… when turned back on, if you are already home it takes several minutes to report as present.

Just be aware that you loose local processing by using a custom handler, never been a deal breaker for me but for others that’s a big deal.

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@RobinWinbourne I finally got round to enabling SHM trying out the basic rules for now before I attempt to move over to something like webCore.

The SHM has Armed (Away), Armed (Home), and Disarmed. ST also has Modes called Home, Night, Away. What can these modes be used for? Aren’t these essentially similar to SHM states? If in certain state and certain conditions met then change state etc.?

(Robin) #43

They are two completely different things… but can essentially be used in the same way giving you compounded modes.

Day - Armed
Day - Armed Stay
Day - Disarmed
Night - Armed
Night - Armed Stay
Night - Disarmed

(Ahmed) #44

Thanks. any examples of what I can do with the two combinations?

(Robin) #45

Not really… I never use modes lol… but I do use SHM as a switch.

I write conditions directly into my webCoRE pistons

SHM is armed
Any of Contact X, Y or Z ARE open
sound alarm

(Ahmed) #46

Thanks @RobinWinbourne

You mentioned in one of the post above that you chime the siren and wait 20 seconds to allow for disarming in other ways. Can you tell me how you chime the siren? I am using a D-Link DCH-Z510 but only seems to sound an alarm sound very very very loud

(Robin) #47

You have to use webCoRE to send a chime (ding-dong) command… it’s a custom command built into the handler that SHM / most other apps cannot see.

I use the same chime for my doorbell as well.

(Ahmed) #48

Thanks @RobinWinbourne any experience on the dlink-dch-z510.groovy handler for the siren as a chime?

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne I added that device handler and then edited the siren to that device type. Then since then it has been stuck on offline status. Tried reverting back to the aeon siren but still offline. So i went to the Z-Wave utilities to exclude it and remove it. While in that section I pressed the pairing button quickly 3 times and it lit up and gave me a successful exclusion message. However, I am now not able to pair it at all. I go to add new thing and tried all combinations of pressing the pairing button but nothing makes it show up. Any ideas what is wrong?

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Is this procedure in order to reset it completely? Do I still need to then go back to Add a Thing in ST and add it after this? and If so what is the combination I press when ST is looking for devices?

(Robin) #54

RTFM LOL (only kidding)

The reset procedure restores the device back to factory, so you’ll need to do the include again, same as you did before.