Outdoor rope lighting

I’m looking for outdoor rope lighting that can be connected to ST, I’m not wanting strip lighting. Any suggestions?

lightify gardenspot

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Rope lighting plugged into a smart outlet would be simple enough if you’re not looking to invest in the gardenspot system.

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I have the lightify gardenspots for my front yard. I am looking at installing something on the overhang of my roof. I like the lightify but they are not cheap. I was looking at using something that maybe cheaper but if it comes down to it then I will just end up with more gardenspot.

Fibaro gives you the most option for controlling the lights and customizing your own scenes.
GardenSpots are not exactly " rope lights".

I have Gardenspots along the bottom of the fascia aiming down connected directly to ST. Then 2 5M LED strips connected to Taotonic controller and GE outdoor module. ST turns them on/off, and I can use Harmony to change colors/modes.

Osram just came out with outdoor rated light strips a few months back. Available at lowes usa. Just an FYI